The Famous Historic Buildings website was established in order to provide an introduction, insight and a source of information on some of the world’s most famous historic buildings and archaeological sites. It also includes sites and places of historical importance and projects which have come to epitomise the architectural and engineering achievements of civilization throughout the ages.  This will be of interest to schools, for students of history and architecture or for those planning or having been on a tour to the area.

On the left side of the main page for each country is a small map, if you click on the map you will be taken to a larger version and an introduction to the country.

A link is provided under some of the locations which will take you to an aerial view of the area via Google Earth.

Some of the pages have a panorama of the sites which you can view by clicking on the image. 

A number of the locations have a link to Encyclopaedia Britannica which will provide additional information and we would like to thank Britannica for allowing these links. 

A glossary is provided of the architectural terms used on the site, this can be accessed from the menu on the left of each page.

All content is produced by Architectural Historian Ron Gatepain, who also sponsors, manages and maintains the site. The photographs - shown as a video – provide a virtual tour of the sites and give an indication of what visitors will see. These are obtained by Ron on his frequent trips around the world in order to indulge in his passion for history and architecture: A passion that he is keen to share with others through this website and by the delivery of talks to special interest groups and on cruise ships that he regularly gives throughout the world.

If English is not your first language you will find a translator at the bottom of each page.

We hope that you enjoy the website and that it encourages you to visit the places themselves. If you are planning a visit we have put some links, which may be of use to you, on the "Useful Travel Information" page.

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